Domesticate [verb]

Definition of Domesticate:

tame; habituate

Synonyms of Domesticate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Domesticate:

Sentence/Example of Domesticate:

I know a pretty woman from a plain one, I hope, even though I dont personally want to domesticate the recording angel.

The hunter is thought to have been seized, one fine day, with an impulse to domesticate animals instead of hunting them.

His place was well named for he was a great horticulturist, the first to domesticate the Catawba grape.

They have now begun to domesticate certain species of Meliponas, by introducing them into earthen pots or wooden cases.

They seem somewhat like the buffalo and other wild animals that we have never been able to domesticate.

Perhaps someone will find a way to domesticate this creature and make it live upon the house flies around the house.

Several efforts have been made to domesticate them, but in vain; they become greatly depressed, and soon die.

The young ones we put in the boat, for Gonzalez wished to take them back to La Sofa to see if he could domesticate them.

There are no birds in this region which domesticate so readily as the linnets, and which improve more on an intimate acquaintance.

It was this:—To capture as many of the wild animals as we could, and endeavour to domesticate them to our uses.