Domicile [noun]

Definition of Domicile:

human habitat

Synonyms of Domicile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Domicile:


Sentence/Example of Domicile:

At the Morse domicile things were going better, and the girls mind was vastly relieved from present troubles.

Still I cannot say, and it is to that hostelry's credit, that my domicile at the Astor aided me to my smuggling resolves.

You'll go sticking your nose around that domicile some time and get it knocked off!

A poor brokendown drunkard returned to his dilapidated domicile early on New Year's morn.

After the Gardens have closed, however, they get more lively, though the smallness of their domicile prevents them from flying.

One evening Tess and Clare were obliged to sit indoors keeping house, all the other occupants of the domicile being away.

We purchased a shoat from the matron of that domicile, who made us a stew that would have done credit to the Maypole Inn.

We enjoyed, what not three men Weissnichtwo could boast of, a certain degree of access to the Professor's private domicile.

But young Bruin crouched sulkily in the extreme end of his domicile, without deigning to move.

Many Jews found it possible to evade laws of domicile by residing in one place and trading in another.