Dominant [adjective]

Definition of Dominant:

superior, controlling

Opposite/Antonyms of Dominant:

Sentence/Example of Dominant:

Stephen Strasburg had one of the most dominant Octobers ever in 2019.

Schottenheimer’s preferred style was known as “Marty Ball,” built around a dominant ground game he believed was the key to offensive success.

Some researchers have warned that if the variant takes hold in the US, it could become the dominant form by March.

That result held up even in the South Africa portion of its trial, where a concerning virus variant that has shown the ability to evade some immunity has become dominant.

In the three seasons since Draymond Green was last an All-Star, Golden State has experienced both Finals victory and loss, posted one of the worst records in team history and retooled one of the most dominant lineups of all-time.

Glove size is determined by measuring your dominant hand only.

Google’s dominant position means that it has immense influence over entire industries as well as how people access information.

Keeping all three would kick the quarterback question to 2022, and it would pose the risk of losing a year with Washington’s dominant defensive line if the offense lags.

What’s most interesting, however, isn’t the content of the proposed measures, but what the development of such legislation says about China’s outlook on its future as the dominant player in the critical minerals space.

This new version became the dominant one that infected much of Europe, North America and South America.