Dominated [verb]

Definition of Dominated:

govern, rule

Opposite/Antonyms of Dominated:

Sentence/Example of Dominated:

Unlike the other two parts of Trust Exercise, this section is a dual point-of-view, with the narrator moving back and forth between the minds of both Sarah and David, although Sarah’s perspective dominates.

However, as TSM and Bjerg dominated North American play it became less important to him as success at Worlds proved elusive.

Airbnb has similarly dominated the suburbs, where there is much less competition from hotels and where demand for family-friendly accommodation is greater.

Getting the terms they need may simply be a question of looking past the most omnipresent vendors dominating the market.

The bet is that consumers want to shop in a centralized marketplace, a space currently dominated by Amazon—and that sizable businesses can spring from the e-commerce giant.

One theme that dominated the conversation was the importance of transparent and open communication between corporate leadership and frontline workers.

Heating, for both industrial and domestic purposes, remains the single greatest use of energy worldwide, and modern renewables account for only 11 percent, with the rest dominated by fossil fuels.

Democrats are set to soon dominate the county Board of Supervisors for the first time in a generation and the City Council is set to have an 8-1 Democratic majority.

Perhaps no one in San Diego benefited more directly when San Diego Democrats dominated the November 2018 election than Georgette Gómez.

Ford, playing catch-up to Tesla in electric cars, is rolling out a battery-powered cargo van to lay claim to a new segment of the commercial fleet market that its gas-powered vehicles dominate.