Dominating [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dominating:

Relieved of the dominating presence, the clergyman thrust his face close into mine.

These are the keynote of the great Republic, dominating all other chords, sacrificing harmony to noise, beauty to bulk.

He seemed suddenly recalled to himself—to the imminence of some crisis dominating his freedom of decision.

And this painted erudition harmonised with the requirements of those times of dominating intellectual tendencies.

A dominating factor or characteristic in the American man is his pursuit of the dollar.

I saw it as the great imperial Roman city dominating the valley.

In the beginning we have the gods everywhere and dominating everything.

The constant aggressions of Bonaparte and his dominating tone made friendly relations impossible.

If I would not so neglect piuttosto bruttini, how much less a word dominating literature!

And as the life becomes more of the intellect, this fact becomes more and more obvious, more and more dominating.