Domination [noun]

Definition of Domination:

control; subjection

Synonyms of Domination:

Opposite/Antonyms of Domination:

Sentence/Example of Domination:

The Wizards have experienced few moments of genuine domination in their first six games.

As in many women of Southern race, the period of hot blood had passed into a period of intrigue and domination.

The book was a violent attack on the spirit of domination which characterized the Christian priesthood at that time.

Neurotic tendencies which unfit women for marriage—the desire for domination.

The domination of the present governing clique will go, and one hopes that something better will take its place.

And Europe must see that the Slavs became a barrier and not a help to Russian designs of domination.

We did not make war on the inhabitants of Mesopotamia; we came to free them from the domination of the Turk.

And it is we who have claimed half the world and thrust upon it an all but universal domination.

We have seen to what the material domination of institutions and apparatus is leading us.

But as yet the Roman domination was not so complete as it became later.