Domineering [adjective]

Definition of Domineering:

oppressive, authoritarian

Synonyms of Domineering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Domineering:

Sentence/Example of Domineering:

His eyes had retreated deeper into the sockets, and his thick lips, once so firm and domineering, were loose and flabby.

The next moment his arms had snatched her up and she was looking up into his steady domineering eyes.

Only an abiding sense of humour kept him sometimes from being domineering.

I gave you credit for domineering and prejudice, now I see it is malignity.'

The other, a middle-aged, domineering man with a powerful face, looked angrily at me as I handed him my dispatch.

But her domineering ways and searching questions did not meet with his mother's approval, and her visits were not encouraged.

But all presently concentred in one domineering sentiment of sharp repentance for what she had apparently undertaken.

Although Mrs. Damon was a fine woman in many ways, she was inclined to be very domineering where her husband was concerned.

Masterful and domineering was Lady Linden of Cornbridge, yet she was kind-hearted, though she tried to disguise the fact.

Mrs Gabriel, rejoicing in her freedom, returned to Colester, and became more domineering than ever.