Don [verb]

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During the Cultural Revolution, female members of the Red Guard donned male uniforms in a nod to Mulan’s legacy, and the Mulan opera Who Says Women Are Not as Good as Men made the argument for female equality in China.

With masks donned, they exited on to a platform in the parking lot to wave to supporters socially distanced in cars cheering on amid a mixture of hazard lights and fireworks.

She often had to don a mask for this, along with gloves, booties, coveralls and more.

"Don Alvar de Mendoce, for example," muttered Alphonse, between his teeth.

This was when Don Joan Ronquillo, with that great fleet, went out and fought the one that the enemy maintained along these coasts.

Don Diego beckoned two guards, who immediately drew near their prisoner.

The same has been said of Don Juan de Alvarado, ex-fiscal, and that is known throughout the country as a public matter.

You have not delivered into the hands of our chief, Don Emilio Aguinaldo, the money as agreed upon.

Dat ar train don' know hit, an' she'll go to Day ob Jedgment, an' ebery soul aboard ob her!

I am also advised as to what you say of the person of Don Geronimo de Silva, and the assistance which you have had from him.