Donated [verb]

Definition of Donated:

make a gift of

Synonyms of Donated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Donated:

Sentence/Example of Donated:

Thus, twenty-nine years later, this theater was donated to Williamsburg to be used as a town hall.

Aunt Zélie had donated the ribbons to trim it, and they were anxious to have it as handsome as possible.

A lot was donated by one of the new converts, and many volunteered their services on the new building that was to be erected.

"Your lodge donated the bedroom set and I really didn't know—" She waved her hand, her face white.

She walked the length of the hall and slowly read the titles of the statues and the names of the pupils who had donated them.

I told her wed rather she donated the price of china or furniture this time, and let us invest it as we found need.

Over $2,000 had been donated toward pushing the work on into the interior.

An American woman who is reputed to be a dietetic specialist came over not long ago, backed by funds donated in the States.

A merchant in Hopeton last winter donated three hundred yards of wincey to the asylum.

E of the 7th; Henry L. Pierce after whom it was named donated $1,000 to the company treasury.