Donation [noun]

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Other slightly more enterprising cafés will charge a couple of bucks for each one or ask for a donation to charity.

The group’s first filings, for the 2017 tax year, show no donations to the nonprofit.

In an email Wednesday to SANDAG board members, Mary Scyocurka, a conservative activist, said Ikhrata should be disciplined for his donation.

Eyal pointed to live kidney donation, a practice that carries risk and no physical benefit for the donor, but is widely accepted.

His parents, Angela and KC Ahlers, continue to fight for his life and are asking for donations to help with the mounting medical bills to treat him.

Ando promised a generous donation in return for information concerning the Kano family.

In the same year he presented the funds of the Society with £100, his last donation.

Whatever may be our estimate of the merit or utility of a small donation, the most trifling addition is of some importance.

Mere pecuniary aid, or indeed any other form of donation, is after all a cheap description of charity.

Accordingly it requires that before attaining this delectable privilege, the “alien” must make a “donation” of ten dollars.