Donator [noun]

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The company shared plans this year to help build pathways to employment for students of color and will donate $25 million to about two-dozen minority-serving institutions.

Local churches, the Warrenton fire department and police department, and schools all responded by buying turkeys and donating them to the pantry.

As a courtesy, the families that had donated the taxidermy trophies were asked if they wanted theirs back.

His friend Bill Gates, a former Berkshire board member, has been donating through his foundation to help fund vaccine efforts.

Sales of this special release support Sierra Nevada’s commitment to donate at least $1 million to charities this year.

He donated tens of millions more to national parks, breast cancer research, Carnegie Hall and paying the student debts of a Morehouse College graduating class.

You can donate money, of course, but you can also buy books from the organization’s wishlist — or, given how broke a lot of us are right now, just donate the books you have and aren’t ever going to read.

The resulting embryo is implanted into a surrogate, and the surrogate gives birth to a clone of the animal that donated the nucleus.

We give everyone a day off to take advantage of powder days or hike a 14er, then donate $1,000 to a charity of choice.

We donate one tree for every garment sold, and 10% of our profits to animal, environmental, and women’s empowerment programs.