Donors [noun]

Definition of Donors:

giver of gift

Synonyms of Donors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Donors:

Sentence/Example of Donors:

Regular white elephants, yet you don't dare get rid of them for fear the donors will come to see you and miss them.

Eleemosynary corporations are for the management of private property, according to the will of the donors.

We wore their gifts and in spirit bowed to the donors, as I think all still do.

The old man had not picked up the sovereigns thrown at his feet, neither had he thanked the donors.

It'll be posted to my site by my fantastic helper, Olga Nunes, so that potential donors can see it.

There was the further difficulty of putting on record the names of the donors without offending other ladies in society.

This means a fluctuation from time to time depending upon the generosity of the donors.

Among their donors was represented a mayor of Troyes with all his family.

It had been a very expensive purchase for the donors and an ill-advised one.

But difficulties sometimes arise through the thoughtlessness of enthusiastic donors.