Doorstep [noun]

Definition of Doorstep:

one level of stairs

Synonyms of Doorstep:









Opposite/Antonyms of Doorstep:


Sentence/Example of Doorstep:

This southern Illinois sits on the back doorstep as poor as Job’s turkey, as beautiful as redbud trees in spring.

Once word gets out that a British man is interested in buying bichos, villagers start showing up at his doorstep like UPS drivers.

As its name suggests, Try the World brings all of those goodies from around the globe straight to your doorstep.

Time is precious—buy yourself some more of itWe can send messages anywhere in the world instantly, travel across oceans in a matter of hours, and get almost anything we can dream of hand-delivered to our doorsteps within days.

Available for patients of all ages, tests are sent out via FedEx and arrive on doorsteps within 48 hours of ordering.

It also spent $120 million on masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer for drivers plus the waiver of the fees it charges restaurants, and built a no-contact delivery option, in which drivers leave food on the doorstep to avoid close contact with consumers.

The least-risky options, though, are to mail a stable treat or do a doorstep delivery.

Reporters who interviewed the teen at his doorstep saw what appeared to be bullet holes in the siding above his head.

Grill on your private deck, cook from the outdoor kitchen’s wood-burning stove and oven, and enjoy coffee and tea delivered to your doorstep each morning.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court largely responds to the arguments that are brought to its doorstep, and at least one study has indicated that the justices may be more likely to overturn precedent when they’ve been asked to do so explicitly.