Dope [noun]

Definition of Dope:

stupid person

Synonyms of Dope:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dope:



Sentence/Example of Dope:

The stereotypes stretch from a detached, self-absorbed woman to a boundaryless dope, meddling and at times arriving uninvited with meatloaf.

I’m sort of like, is that allowed, but at the same time it’s dope and I’ve never seen anything like it.

Lamb said to himself, "That dope goes around in a rut and I'll get in one too just following him and then I will get sore."

"We'll have to dope out some way to get something to eat," said Mercer.

At any rate, we must now put our heads together and dope out just what to do in this smuggling case.

Of course a man will hate to believe that this is true of himself, but sooner or later money affects him as drugs do a dope-fiend.

To-day the covered wing is treated with a substance known as “dope,” which shrinks it till it is “tight as a drum.”

Ill dig out my thesis and books from storage, and if youll get all your dope and data together, I can go right to it.

Jean gave in and varnished his pelt thoroughly with my "punkie dope," as he called it; but, too late; the mischief was done.

He always hesitated to direct their arguments, preferring to let them dope things out themselves.