Dopey [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dopey:

He musta been a pretty smart guy to know how to handle all those things, even if he was kinda dopey about other things.

At first the pony was very groggy and dopey, but as his head cleared he started to struggle.

They saw Dopey Charlie advancing upon the Kid, a knife in his hand.

Briefly he told of the attack upon him, of his shooting of Dopey Charlie, of the flight and pursuit.

In the hand of Dopey Charlie gleamed a bit of shiny steel and in his heart were fear and greed.

"He's a bad one," interjected Dopey Charlie, a glint of cunning in his ordinarily glassy eyes.

I was standing on me beat when I saw Dopey Daniel snatch a swell hat from a poor old woman.

I got kind uv dopey meself, sittin' dere wid nobody ter chin ter, an' I played off inter a snooze.

But, of course, the grizzly had been too dopey and dazed from his long sleep, to really put forth his best efforts.

It's a bad thing to get too active when you ought to be hitting the hay, and feel dopey.