Dory [noun]

Definition of Dory:

a boat propelled with wind by sailcloth

Synonyms of Dory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dory:


Sentence/Example of Dory:

By Monday morning, at least according to Wizards General Manager Tommy Sheppard, all was hunky dory between Washington and its five-time all-star.

Then she rallied and, like Jake, was ready to do battle with any one who hunched their shoulders at Miss Dory.

Cuss him to-night, ef he's alive; an' ef his bed is soff' as wool, doan let him sleep for thinkin' of Miss Dory.

Miss Dory never tole nothin'; she was silent as de grave about—him—de fader of de lill chile, I mean.

Miss Dory would say so, but, Mas'r Crompton, you'll fotch her back sometime to de ole place.

"I'se 'most as ole as Miss Dory when lill chile was born," was the reply, which silenced the Colonel with regard to her age.

He called his young mistress Miss Dory, and was most anxious to screen her from the least suspicion of wrong.

He did come,—a big, gran' man, wid a look which made me glad Miss Dory was in heaven 'stead of livin' wid him.

He tole me I was to have all the money Miss Dory had been layin' up, an' he would send me mo' for the stun.

I'se done sung all day for his mussy in lettin' me heer from lil Miss Dory onc't mo' an' 'noin' she ain't ded as I feared she was.