Dossier [noun]

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The head of Voice of America’s parent agency hired a law firm at a rate of about $500 an hour and spent $2 million in taxpayer funds to compile personnel dossiers on managers he had targeted for removal, according to a complaint filed Tuesday.

The Jets delivered the dossier to the paper over the summer.

Moreover, the existence of the dossier was disclosed by Comey in his first meeting with the president-elect.

The Clinton campaign’s funding of Steele’s research only emerged months later, long after the dossier was published.

"You have had access to my dossier—I feel sure you have, monsieur," Paul said, addressing Pierrepont.

The dossier is not complete, but, such as it is, it furnishes a riddle in which the supernatural appears to play a part.

The former opinion was, no doubt, justified by the evidence which the lost dossier contained.

Meanwhile, my secretary will give you a complete dossier on my planned Official Bulletin.

He placed the dossier back in a drawer and, lighting a cigar, paced up and down the room puffing furiously.

Foyle pulled out the dossier of the case, and again went over the evidence that had been collected.