Dotage [noun]

Definition of Dotage:

feebleness, old age

Synonyms of Dotage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dotage:

Sentence/Example of Dotage:

To-morrow—a crippled veteran, and after that a pensioner drifting fast into a garrulous dotage.

England is no more in her dotage than America is in her nonage.

The old man, whose dull face seemed to indicate dotage, half raised himself at the sound of the stranger's voice.

But when Europe befools itself, in its dotage, with republican attire, we lads have a right to laugh.

On the following day he fell into a state of absolute dotage and insensibility, and never rose from his arm-chair again.

Some recent writers have sought to demolish Wallace's argument concerning Spiritism by saying he is an old man and in his dotage.

An antique Duke falling in love with her, and being in his dotage, I naturally consent to the marriage.

Well, you see, Henri too—yes, Granny isn't quite in her dotage yet—leaving Leiden like that!

Swift, in his dotage, appears to have been gratified by such puerilities as Scarron frequently wrote.

They were not in their dotage, either of them, those old, old people.