Dotty [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dotty:

Judge Leslie is dotty on that subject, and so are a good many of the other old fossils of Rosewater.

Dotty unrolled herself from the curtain with a triumphant smile.

Dotty tried to think there might be time enough, after all, to find the rings.

At the mention of rings, Dotty blushed, and stole a glance at Mrs. Allen.

Why, Dotty, I've excused you to Mrs. Pragoff, and it wouldn't be polite to go now.

Dotty, it seems, was feeling very much like a bitter-sour apple.

But, Dotty, why do you want to go back to auntie's to-night?

She liked her own way, but she never had it unless Dotty was willing.

"There, she's lost her senses; I knew she would," said Dotty, walking the floor.

"Just as we got to having a good time," said Dotty, her face in a hard knot.