Doubled [verb]

Definition of Doubled:

make two of; make twice as large

Synonyms of Doubled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Doubled:

Sentence/Example of Doubled:

The second features a double-ledge move that forces everyone but Adam off their bikes.

In Montana, I ride ancient double chairlifts that date to my wooden skis and leather boots childhood.

Before that, the number of disrupted games in one week had yet to reach double digits.

The pandemic has more than doubled that number in a fraction of the time.

Haurylava raised her hand to go as soon as she learned that Intermountain Healthcare was in need — coronavirus cases were climbing by double digits, and front-line workers were pulling double shifts.

Online toilet paper company Who Gives A Crap says sales in Ohio, which began a new round of curfews and business restrictions, have doubled in recent days.

Smith finished the 2019-20 season with 21 double-doubles, the most by any player in the conference and the third most in the country.

That average number has doubled since the end of October, but it is below the peak of 194, set May 6.

The Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization in Mount Prospect reported 1,170 restraint incidents, more than any other school district in Illinois and nearly double the number from the 2015-16 school year.

Nursing homes had double-checked 39 samples the BD and Quidel tests flagged as positive, but 23 of them tested negative via PCR.