Doubter [noun]

Definition of Doubter:

person who does not believe

Synonyms of Doubter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Doubter:

Sentence/Example of Doubter:

The doubter seemed averse to giving this proof of unbelief, and yet it was clear that he was not convinced.

It was not of a numeral that the doubter thought when the existence of Cruikshank was presented to his mind's eye.

He was a doubter by instinct, and approached the world of Nature as if nothing were known about it.

But, in spite of the boastful tone and exaggerated manner, there was that about the stranger that might make a doubter pause.

The doubter escapes the worst penalty of the man of hope; he is never disappointed, and hence never indignant.

In such manner the great doubter is getting toward shore, but even here his doubts cease not.

Doubter as I am, this insanity seems to me evident, and I say so.

There'd be a salary, and besides that a commission on each doubter you landed.

Not long after that sinful experiment with the handkerchief I discovered by accident that I was not the only doubter in Polotzk.

Any doubter can satisfy his conscience by reference to the late debates on the retiring bishop's bill.