Doubtfully [adverb]

Definition of Doubtfully:


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Sentence/Example of Doubtfully:

Whether Greene is capable of containing herself going forward is doubtful.

That doesn’t mean it will be the case here, and I’m pretty doubtful it will, for the reasons articulated above.

Meanwhile many strategists are doubtful yields will keep up the pace we’ve seen in the first week of 2021, and Ripley believes the Fed will “keep a lid” on how far rates go.

It’s doubtful the Browns have enough in them to overcome what the coronavirus has done.

On a number of specific fronts from its climate plan, it’s doubtful San Diego is going to meet the 2020 reduction targets next year.

Rosemary shook her head doubtfully, and her falling hair of pale, shimmering gold waved like a wheat-field shaken by a breeze.

The younger members of the committee looked at one another doubtfully; but Mrs. Kerrick clapped her hands enthusiastically.

Oh, this job o work is goin to take him out o town for a while, returned the woman, doubtfully.

"Not f'r another hour," one of them dropped to Harney in passing; and he stood doubtfully glancing about him.

Coffee Jack took the line and examined it doubtfully, as if he feared it might not be strong enough.