Douche [noun]

Definition of Douche:

washing with water and, usually, soap

Synonyms of Douche:

Opposite/Antonyms of Douche:


Sentence/Example of Douche:

A representative separately said that the company does not manufacture or endorse the use of douches.

She was just made up, along with the table dhte and the chambres garnies and the douche and the jardin dagrment.

He thought for a moment that she had dropped dead and the shock of the business pulled him together like a douche of cold water.

Salome was silent, feeling rather disappointed at this douche of cold water over her schemes of authorship.

Toward evening she was taken out again for half an hour's walk, and before she went to rest had a douche or a swim in the river.

The door came back, letting in a douche of cold rain and a black shadow which leaped for the security of the center of the room.

In political philosophy, the law of the swinging pendulum may act as a salutary cold douche.

In spite of the douche of cold water which the news editor had just administered, Triffitt knew his Argus.

The douche bag should not be held higher than two feet above the patient's head.

An ordinary douche bag will do if a syringe of the above character cannot be obtained.