Doughy [adjective]

Definition of Doughy:

light in color or effect

Synonyms of Doughy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Doughy:

Sentence/Example of Doughy:

Sometimes the lemon flavor was weak or the cookies came out too doughy.

The result, seen in the dark, was a formless black mass, very doughy and fatty; but with oases of palatable matter.

Many amateur campers wonder why the biscuits are flat or doughy.

They were all doughy when they came out, very much as they were when they went in; but the dough was deliciously sweet and spicy.

Mother Corey shook his head, shaking the few hairs on his head and face, and the wrinkles in his doughy skin deepened.

Good opium is hard in the cold, but becomes flexible and doughy when it is worked between the hot hands.

Should it soon subside into a doughy-looking paste, we may infer that the lye has been too strong.

The roads continue as bad as ever, rather worse indeed, for the thin creamy mud has become thick doughy clay.

"I am afraid it is," he said, in a low voice, pressing between his fingers a bit of ill-baked bread that grew doughy at a touch.

"It is the most abominable, sticky, doughy stuff that ever was used in any country for earth," he says.