Dovetail [verb]

Definition of Dovetail:

link, fit together

Synonyms of Dovetail:

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Sentence/Example of Dovetail:

The dovetail is a most important joint; its most usual forms are illustrated in fig. 3.

The sermon should be constructed to fit the man; argument and emotion should not stand apart, but dovetail and interlace.

Fig. 37 is "Oblique Dovetail Halving," one side of the piece being dovetailed.

In this case the dovetail is similar to Fig. 33, with the exception that it does not run through the bottom rail.

Fig. 47 shows a combination of a bevelled dovetail half-lapped joint.

This takes the bulk of the material away and the dovetail is then pared out square in the usual way.

With care, this can be accomplished with the dovetail saw, thus avoiding unnecessary labour and the use of the paring chisel.

The centre stretcher rail at Fig. 284 is similar, except that in this case it is a complete dovetail in place of a barefaced one.

It will be noticed that a specially wide dovetail pin must be left so as to form part of the lid and part of the lower portion.

The dovetail housing joint should first be carefully marked out with a marking knife, so as to cut across the fibres of the wood.