Dowdiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dowdiness:

Her clothes were good and new, but some desolate dressmaker had contrived to invest them with an air of hopeless dowdiness.

Try to be as neat as the very dowdiest girl you know, without the dowdiness.

There is none of the hopeless dowdiness and dejection that characterize the lower order of Englishwoman.

There had, too, fallen upon her in these her married days a certain fixed dreary dowdiness.

But one thing was certain—there wasn't the p. 149 remotest suggestion of dowdiness about a Beldon.

One knows that it doesn't mean much; but it's like artificial flowers,—it gives a little colour, and takes off the dowdiness.

Anyhow they totally failed to support the charge of dowdiness which had been freely brought against the Queen-Mother's rgime.

She suddenly contrasted Julian's heavy and arrogant dowdiness with the nice dandyism of Louis.

After all, the American women were chic, she decided, although some of the doctors had wives of a dowdiness—Himmel!

She was neat where Anna had been disorderly, well dressed and breezy against Anna's dowdiness and sharpness.