Downcast [adjective]

Definition of Downcast:

depressed, unhappy

Opposite/Antonyms of Downcast:

Sentence/Example of Downcast:

Others were more downcast in acknowledging the loss, which was far closer than pollsters predicted.

The old man stood, with eyes downcast and hands clasped before him, a picture of humility.

Her agitation was plain to him, and it puzzled him, as did the downcast glance of eyes usually so bold and insolent in their gaze.

Pale as usual, and with downcast eyes, she entered the room, whither her mother called her.

The fire in the stove had burned lower, and its downcast glow revealed less mercilessly the dirty condition of the floor.

Henri found her there, at something before nine, rather downcast and worried, and debating about going up to bed.

Lulu made no movement to obey, but stood before him in sullen silence and with downcast, scowling countenance.

Herman strode away, after one incredulous look at her, a shaft she felt through her downcast lids.

Thus spoke Rhoda, in a soft, tremulous little voice, and with downcast eyes.

When I got back to the house already dismally affected, I was still more sadly downcast at the sight of Mary.