Downed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Downed:

The breeze was very light, so we downed our sail, got out our oars, and gave chase.

He downed the liquor with a grin that came over his lurid countenance like a burst of low sunshine.

Then, with one quick flip of his wrist and a sudden spasmodic movement of his gullet, he downed it.

They broke out into cheers for the plucky lad who had downed the bully of two counties.

They downed me, and then Fluss stuffed his handkerchief in my mouth while Blosser tied my hands and feet.

Anyway, Ive done my best, and if Im downed this time I can make a fresh start.

Through the busted gate I roared, past the downed guard and the smashed guardhouse, past the wreck of Farrow's car.

Their fighting machines flew over the lines and downed the German planes in goodly numbers.

He made a world's record at Soissons in May, 1918, when he downed five enemy airplanes in one day.

In three short weeks he had won the distinction of “ace,” having downed his fifth enemy machine.