Downstream [adjective]

Definition of Downstream:

coming after

Synonyms of Downstream:

Opposite/Antonyms of Downstream:

Sentence/Example of Downstream:

Antitrust authorities around the world would need to weigh the position a merged Exxon and Chevron would have in both the upstream and downstream sectors.

Beyond some threshold—or weight—the cell fires a signal to its own network of downstream connections.

ERNIE-ViL also achieved state-of-the-art performance on five vision-language downstream tasks.

“If the downstream impact or the byproduct of this site is some sort of unity between the parties, great,” Evans told the Washington Post in October.

Looking downstream, though, it’s not clear how long their sin will sting.

Obviously, much of that mighty onrush would flow unstoppably downstream, there to pass under the arches of the area’s many bridges.

It said a team within the company reviewed internal research proposals to “assess potential downstream impacts and collaboratively develop recommendations to maximize the likelihood of positive outcomes while minimizing the potential for harm.”

In both cases, the business argument for a fix and the technology required to get there lie somewhere downstream of politics.

That water also plays a big role in irrigating downstream farms.

The CPRA “requires advertisers and publishers to have a better handle on the source of information they are using” from downstream providers, he added.