Doxy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Doxy:

Mr. Tal- mage, true to the fawning, cringing spirit of ortho- doxy, lauds the living queen and cruelly maligns the genius dead.

All the eyes were glued upon him, and his poor doxy had to be content with a furtive look thrown over a stranger's shoulder.

Then let them know that if they attempt to hinder our sailing hence, we'll hang the doxy first and fight for it after.

I am astonished at it, Aunt Doxy; and it is not true, not a word of it.

His orthodoxy was his doxy, and he cared very little for the doxy of any other man or set of men.

Arch Doxy, signifies the same in rank among the female canters or gipseys.

And just now you flew into a pet because you fancied Johanna heard him call you Doxy.

Miss Doxy was happy in knowing not that she was called the old cat in the kitchen.

A Palliard is he that goeth in a patched cloke, and hys Doxy goeth in like apparell.

Good–bye, darling; Aunt Doxy will take you up to the park, when the sun comes out, to see all the wonderful doings.