Draconian [adjective]

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To walk these two miles per diem is a Draconian law which I impose upon myself during all seasons of the year.

He read the sentence through three times, and then recollected that he had not looked up the Draconian reforms.

Turlough was unquestionably somewhat Spartan in his severities, if not Draconian in his administration of justice.

If there are exceptions who do not subscribe to these Draconian laws of the Parisian code, they are solitary examples.

As the spoliation went on, the decrees became more and more Draconian.

With the Draconian rules on the subject, the syndic assumed a heavy burden towards the King, as well as towards his kinsmen.

The penalties he assigned for transgressions were on the whole less Draconian than those inflicted before his time.

Careful from the first for these wards of the nation, Brouillard had made laws of Draconian severity.

There were, however, some exceptions even to this Draconian system.

But other factors than this Draconian code worked at last toward order in this English West.