Drafted [verb]

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Drafted also a long cable discussing a diversion on the Asiatic shore of the Dardanelles.

The little bullet-headed Jim was drafted off to the workhouse school, and from thence to a small fishing-smack.

Upon this Labienus marched against the city, having with him cohorts drafted from the Roman soldiery stationed in Asia.

By March 11 a permanent constitution was drafted, reproducing that of the United States, with certain modifications.

General Cavaignac, at the direction of the Assembly, retained his dictatorial powers until a new Constitution could be drafted.

Or maybe it is a case of venereal disease, in a young man who was drafted into the army and turned loose amid the joys of Paris.

Of course, we drafted the men for this war job; but in the new world nobody is drafted for anything.

During the week Conal had been mustering and branding the cows and calves drafted from the scrub mob.

The cast ewes may then be drafted off to feed on a more succulent herbage, previous to being penned on turnips.

Later he was drafted for service but because of the wound he had previously sustained was discharged and went to Wisconsin.