Draftsmanship [noun]

Definition of Draftsmanship:

technical drawing

Synonyms of Draftsmanship:

Opposite/Antonyms of Draftsmanship:


Sentence/Example of Draftsmanship:

But unfortunately exaggeration happened to be inherent in the draftsmanship of both Cruikshank and Browne.

I'm learning a heap about draftsmanship at the Trailer factory.

A collection of problems presented in the form of 25 plates excellent in draftsmanship.

Maybe it could have been useful for that if there had been a single man who knew anything about draftsmanship.

Keith had neither aptitude nor interest for draftsmanship, being curiously set toward the written word.

Years ago a student, William Sidney Pittman, showed a particular aptitude for carpentry and draftsmanship.

The elaboration of this style involves deep mathematical problems and careful draftsmanship.

The papal legate who arranged the treaty is not to be congratulated on his draftsmanship.

In draftsmanship and refinement of design these problems are of superior quality.

It covers two year's work and contains 128 full-page plates—excellent examples of draftsmanship.