Drained [adjective]

Definition of Drained:

used up; exhausted

Synonyms of Drained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drained:

Sentence/Example of Drained:

In my tests, all this chirping and listening isn’t much of an additional drain on your battery.

We’re under a “general rain advisory,” which means there’s higher bacterial levels than normal in the ocean, especially near storm drains, rivers or lagoons.

Transfer to a colander set in the kitchen sink and let drain, until slightly limp, about 30 minutes.

He pointed to an incident in July in which a defector, according to South Korean officials, crawled beneath barbed wire and through a drain on Ganghwa Island, before swimming more than half a mile to North Korea.

These microfibers flow out of washing machines, down the drain and into the world’s rivers, lakes and oceans.

Nearly half of millennials are considering leaving San Diego because of the cost of housing, which would create a massive brain drain and harm the prosperity of our region.

Lithuania, for example, wants to reverse its brain drain, so the government is using LinkedIn to connect with young workers.

On this account, great care should be taken to provide well-drained positions.

The pool was drained in 1866, and, having been filled up, its site will ere long be covered with streets of houses.

The bed should be drained by a little ditch around it on the upper side.