Dramatic [adjective]

Definition of Dramatic:

exciting, moving

Synonyms of Dramatic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dramatic:

Sentence/Example of Dramatic:

I’m very dramatic and having him be the voice of reason is very helpful.

The pathos of casting wood in a forest and of setting up a lens to see what’s already plainly visible took a dramatic turn during the installation when the great ash tree suddenly collapsed.

The previously unknown site in Anatolia became a popular sensation, helped by dramatic pictures of the “lost city” whose residents were so strange that women had ruled over men!

She recounts being struck by lightning in 1991, then spending a couple painful years recovering before traveling around the world, writing about dramatic landscapes and regenerative land practices.

In the 2018 game’s dramatic final moments, Hulu’s live stream went kerplunk.

They are pushing for a dramatic rethinking of American institutions, including the church and the police, and in some ways a rethinking of America itself.

Property owners on Oahu’s North Shore have taken some of the most dramatic steps.

This dramatic comedy follows Miles and Avery through laughs and twists as their long-term relationship faces a possible end.

Stiehler, who previously served as chief of field operations for New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, replaced MTS security chief Manny Guaderrama, the architect behind the agency’s dramatic uptick in enforcement.

Some even argued that a dramatic turnaround began when Parra joined the club in May.