Dramatically [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Dramatically:

As the study found, some of the most dramatic increases in air pressure are expected during this harsh season.

Including in Hong Kong, where last year dramatic images of clashes between protesters and police dominated news feeds showing police firing live bullets and protesters attacking officers.

The FAA action is a dramatic turning point for Boeing after more than two years of bad news surrounding its best-selling model.

Portrait Lighting only works with photos that have depth data, and you can basically change how your face is lit to get a more flattering or dramatic look.

Based on the data points above, the difference between this cream and the rest of the crop is dramatic.

Andrew Keatts chronicled the former environmental justice organizer’s dramatic rise and fall over the last two years and traced her work on priorities including climate change policy, transit funding and housing affordability.

The new deal doesn’t cover state-owned enterprises, labor, or the environment, and it only briefly mentions controversial issues like intellectual property protections, meaning it will not result in any dramatic economic changes in the short term.

I think the urgency will rise if case counts really do start to advance from here in a more dramatic way.

So the company made dramatic changes, such as embracing cloud computing, to stave off inertia, Starace said.

While the numbers are still coming in, all indicators point to a dramatic increase in their participation.