Dramatization [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dramatization:

One Night in Miami imagines what that conversation might have been like, interweaving dramatizations of things these four extraordinary men actually said and did.

All these are, of course, sun gods, and the whole dramatization or myth is in keeping with the activities of the sun.

All the teachers remarked on her great intelligence, on her curious and wonderful gift for dramatization.

Dramatization is an aspect of imitation, and is a means of making ideas more real than they would otherwise be.

Make a plan of the various ways in which dramatization can be profitably used in the schools.

The knowledge here may have been telepathic, but how about the dramatization?

But Falstaff is in no true sense a dramatization of the real soldier.

Dramatization of a novel, suggestions for, Edward Knobloch, 13-14.

The formal procedure or ritual is essentially a representation or dramatization of the main idea, usually based upon a narrative.

Thus we see that the Flute Dance as given today is a dramatization of this legend.