Drat [interjection]

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Sentence/Example of Drat:

To their intense surprise, the usually placid Younkins turned savagely upon the dog, and saying, “Drat that fool dog!”

I've scarce a marvedy in hand, now; so let him have a writ in his, drat him.

"Drat the little dickey-birds," interrupted Mr. Kybird, with sudden violence.

I got what everybody gets who deals with that old rascal—the bad end of the trade, drat him!

Ah, don't go breakin' your angel's 'eart along of Arthur, my precious—and drat him too!

I haven't a shilling but what comes through his fingers; an' drat the tizzy he'll gi' me till he knows the reason why.'

But drat economy, say I, when a paltry subscription will land you straight into the arms of a real toy pirate.

Drat the old creetur, he's a-layin' down the law tolerable confident, too!

Allow hisself to herd with them—well, drat it, there, I never did!

After hed stared at it for an hour he shook his head, and said, Drat it all!