Dratted [adjective]

Definition of Dratted:

atrocious, horrible

Synonyms of Dratted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dratted:

Sentence/Example of Dratted:

How's I ergwine ter hole de fort wid de ammynishun in de dratted crick?

But for de dratted fence ole Pomp nebber let um reach um own tree.

"And none of they dratted bones, neither," said William, with emphasis.

I will so, but it's a dratted shame as you should shoulder everybody's troubles, that it is.

I didn't care nothin' about the dratted early blacks, but he didn't seem to care for nothin' else.

But you let that dratted Eg heave in sight with all sail sot and signals flyin' and she's all smiles in a minute.

He may be skipper aboard that dratted schooner, but that gives him no right to boss me ashore.

But some kind of a dratted cross-current ketched me and I'm sailin' out to sea, I finds, without compass or cross-staff.

It would have been money in my pocket if I had done that instead of trying to grind wheat and corn in this dratted old water-mill.

Those dratted little rats were all over camp last night, and into more kinds of devilment than so many pet crows.