Drawings [noun]

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In one case, however, I have succeeded in getting drawings of a little girl who was carefully left to develop her own ideas.

As far as possible I have sought spontaneous drawings of quite young children, viz., from between two and three to about six.

The arm in these childish drawings early develops the interesting adjunct of a hand.

The nose more particularly appears and disappears in a capricious way in the drawings of the same child.

It would be useless to put you to the expense of drawings, until you have made up your minds on what you intend to have done.

It would take too long to offer a complete explanation of these characteristics of children's drawings.

I used to have two or three drawers full of drawings and account-books that were brought from the works.

Mr. Cunningham's description of the drawings of the natives in a cavern on Clack's Island.

I shall also bring drawings with me for one or two winding engines for the same place.

He hath instructed the said Francisco Uville in the art of making drawings of mines, and in engineering.