Dreadfulness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dreadfulness:

It is the old men, the women, the children, the babies and the physically imperfect who must bear the brunt of dreadfulness.

Along with this well-being came again appreciation of the dreadfulness of her case.

The Death of Halpin Frazer has a touch of almost unbearable dreadfulness.

Need we remind you again of the dreadfulness of hell—of the certainty that it shall overtake the impenitent sinner?

These witnesses He qualified to see the truth in its vast proportions and feel it in its divine dreadfulness.

There 264is luxuriance close to barrenness, gracefulness close to dreadfulness, life close to loneliness.

You should rather say, God's majesty and dreadfulness are so great, that I durst not offend him for any provocation.

To him all the dreadfulness, the mystery, the pain and the solitude have melted away, and death has become a mere change of place.

There's a frightful constraint, a chilly, creepy dreadfulness steals about the party.

This is really what Milly calls a state of dreadfulness—no other word will describe it.