Dreaminess [noun]

Definition of Dreaminess:

unwillingness to work, be active

Opposite/Antonyms of Dreaminess:

Sentence/Example of Dreaminess:

By his mother and sisters, for instance, his dreaminess was constantly noted.

He was impressed by the dreaminess of the face; and I must say I regard him as an interesting character.

In a state of profound dreaminess the soul leaves the body and lives in close fellowship with Brahman.

Last night, he'd seemed to her the sort of man who, for all his dreaminess, would not easily forget a friend or a foe.

In the more tender pieces, such as the nocturnes of Field and of Chopin, he played with the utmost dreaminess.

Combined with Celtic melancholy and dreaminess, he had also inherited, without doubt, some unhealthiness of mind.

To break him of his bad habits—that is, of his dreaminess and uselessness—Mrs. Lambole took Joe to school.

The supposition that poets must be dreamers, because there is often much dreaminess in poesy, is a mere hypothesis.

Faults most likely; dreaminess without practical application, diffusion and waste of time, hoping things will "turn up."

I do not remark this dreaminess in the notes of other birds, some crowing at an equal distance, others still further away.