Dreaming [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dreaming:

Miss Anne smiled kindly, not dreaming of his perplexity, amused by his Southern warmth.

She thought, knowing Janet to be at liberty and never dreaming that she would refuse: "I am saved--for the present."

It was lying sound asleep on a mud-bank, not dreaming, doubtless, of the daring bipeds who were about to disturb its repose.

I felt myself quite the enchanted princess and put in most of my time dreaming about the prince.

Not long—it set me dreaming though, and a very romantic dream it was, worthy of Ethel herself.

She went home despising in her heart both lords and menials, and dreaming, with new aspirations, of her Roman republic.

She said nothing about it, lest it should be made a plea for living more quietly; never dreaming of danger.

It was too good to be true, yet she kept thinking about it, and hoping for the impossible, and dreaming of it.

I would have cried like a child who sees the castle he has been dreaming about vanish away as he awakens from sleep.

"Oh, yes," agreed the children happily, little dreaming what was in store for them on the next day and all the days to come.