Dreamlike [adjective]

Definition of Dreamlike:

resembling a dream

Synonyms of Dreamlike:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dreamlike:


Sentence/Example of Dreamlike:

His dream project is to make a kind of TikTok for music creation—an interface that makes it really easy for non-musicians to play with music editing, share their creations, and express themselves.

So they must rely on the company to make those dreams come true, and it is remarkably inconsistent in doing so.

Youth must visualize the options for their future, and feel anything they dream is attainable.

The real estate deal involves a dream home built several years ago by David Rossi and his wife, Lesley Matheson, longtime business associates of Singh’s.

Make Believe celebrates those who have ventured into the unknown in pursuit of making their dreams a reality.

For couples who have been planning their dream wedding, the pandemic forced those dreams to change.

Our young people are desperately fighting to pursue their dreams.

If sudden national lockdowns proved anything to the business world, it’s that mass remote work is more possible than many ever dreamed.

AI is the next dream boat that marketers need to be on in order to stay ahead of the curve.

I realized early on that I need to be careful who I trusted with my dreams.