Dreary [adjective]

Definition of Dreary:

gloomy, lifeless

Synonyms of Dreary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dreary:

Sentence/Example of Dreary:

But for the trees, these sullen skies and level grounds would render England dreary enough.

They rented a house, for the place didn't afford a parsonage, and began the long dreary year that was to follow.

A damp mist rose from the river and the marshy ground about, and spread itself over the dreary fields.

I know this small organ well—an old friend on dreary mornings, putting the laziest riser in a good humor for the day.

It looked on to Hyde Park, and a very white and dreary park it was on that particular day.

The royal family were still in the dungeons of the Temple, lingering through the dreary hours of the most desolate imprisonment.

Sometimes he loitered alone, from sunrise to sunset, in the dreary and rugged wilderness which surrounds the Escurial.

But what an awful scene of dreary desolation presented itself when they got there!

If the damsel smiled Once in seven years only, All their wanderings dreary Ample guerdon knew.

Yet life seemed more dreary to her than it did before she had that brief experience of a free feeling.