Drench [verb]

Definition of Drench:

wet thoroughly

Synonyms of Drench:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drench:

Sentence/Example of Drench:

Even by day the Maruts create darkness with the water-bearing cloud, when they drench the earth.

Drench is the causative of drink: here the nominative of the verb is ‘Iris’ and the object ‘beds.’

Sometimes she was so weary that she sank down by the roadside and let130 the night-dew drench her aching limbs.

Epsom salt, in one ounce doses, given either as a gruel or a drench, will be found to answer the purpose well.

You will drench yourself in the blood of the innocent, only that you may do it—while no effect shall follow.'

There were bright floodlights placed here and there to drench a large area with light.

Then she flew to the dressing-table, and securing a bottle of eau de cologne, proceeded to drench Irene's face vigorously.

To cure seasickness: Turn the entire system inside out and hang it over the rail of the ship where the salt spray can drench it.

He saw the conflict coming which must drench the land in blood and dry with fire the blackened cinders.

A paddle drench is often preferred, and if not used the handling should be frequent.