Drenched [verb]

Definition of Drenched:

wet thoroughly

Synonyms of Drenched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drenched:

Sentence/Example of Drenched:

There were those who saw him lying on the ground, still in death, his bosom drenched in blood.

Fortunately, the water was not deep, and quickly the drenched animal and man were pulled from the water.

Here, being suddenly drenched by spray from one of the engines, Sam and Tommy made for the shelter of a chimney-stack.

The seas breaking in heavy masses on the pier-head drenched the two men as they bent their heads to resist the roaring blast.

Nor did he know that he was cold, until he returned to the house with drenched garments and a chill which he felt to his bones.

A door stood open—it was a closet—and the rain-drenched man was hidden there an instant later.

Outside, the lawn was drenched with light, light that ran quivering into the little inlets and pools among the shadows.

Her red lips like dew-drenched roses—luscious, pure, alluring, were parted a little in a half smile.

One pillowed his head upon her arm, and drenched his dusty brow with tears; her comrade wrung her hands, and shrieked for 'help!

The green drenched woods lay all about his path, bent thick, and the forest drooped glimmeringly.