Dressed [verb]

Definition of Dressed:

put on clothing

Synonyms of Dressed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dressed:

Sentence/Example of Dressed:

“This is a distressing predicament for these young people,” thought Mr. Pickwick, as he dressed himself next morning.

Every time he is dressed, or sees his mother dress, he has an object-lesson in symmetrical arrangement.

The Princess was pale and thin; and, though dressed superbly, seemed fitter for her chamber.

She had been properly dressed for the occasion in black tulle and black silk tights.

He was dressed like a waiter, and he looked like one—a regular City waiter, you know.

She dressed always in black, was very devout and rich and narrow and iron-willed.

Dressed in full uniform, amid cries of "Long live our King Joachim," the unfortunate man landed with twenty-six followers.

She was dressed in her brightest skirt and fairly shone with the abundance of cheap jewelry she wore.

The pair disappeared among the glittering and gaily-dressed crowd that thronged the portico.

A marvel of manly strength and grace and beauty, thirty years of age or so, and faultlessly dressed.