Dresser [noun]

Definition of Dresser:

chest of drawers

Synonyms of Dresser:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dresser:


Sentence/Example of Dresser:

Radcliff said that in her two-bedroom Brooklyn apartment, she is currently using the top of her dresser in her bedroom as a desk while using a dining room chair as a seat.

He placed a television on a dresser, eye-height, and paced around the room.

She gets Sarah to come to town for opening night and be her dresser, for old time’s sake.

Birds flit around the room, bringing you clothes from the dresser.

Dorothy turned to the dresser, and a strange expression came over her face.

Why, Tip says she's the best-lookin' woman in the walley, and that she's a terrible tasty dresser.

Then she looked more hopeful as her eyes rested on Betty, who was sorting the contents of a too-crowded dresser drawer.

"And so we had," said Betty, closing the dresser drawer with a bang and coming unexpectedly to her aid.

He was a swagger dresser and more marked than many because he was strikingly handsome.

But Mrs. Pierce says she is a stranger to her and met by chance in the coach, and pretends to be a dresser.