Dressy [adjective]

Definition of Dressy:

formal, fashionable

Synonyms of Dressy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dressy:

Sentence/Example of Dressy:

The lady was a very dressy person and she laid her silver-mesh purse on the counter between herself and Jess.

A ball dress should be made of either very dressy silk, or light, thin material made over silk.

The Opera—Here you should wear full dress, an opera cloak, and either a head-dress, or dressy bonnet of some thin material.

They were good and answered the purpose but a new fangled broom made of broom straw seemed so dressy.

If you'll look closely at the workers about town you'll see the same suits—right dressy, you'll notice.

The dressy person and the person who is well dressed—these two showing everywhere.

I thought you understood that Angelina is rather dressy in her feelings.

So he told 'em that he always loved to wear summer shawls; he thought it made a man look so dressy.

A fat man he is with the flowing locks of a stump orator, given to fancy waistcoats and a frock-coat—very dressy.

He was rather dressy in his style of costume, and wore his long dark hair parted in the middle.